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There are many uses to singing bowls. Their efficacy is seen in how you use them. The most common use of singing bowls is in healing the body and the mind.


Singing bowls are made of an alloy of metals corresponding to seven chakras and they are known to open the blocked energy of a certain chakra that will cure a disorder. That is why the singing bowl is made of a particular metal or an alloy should be placed on the body part that requires healing. The bowl is then struck, and the resonance travels through the cells in the body to open up the specific chakra. Expand the information about singing bowls http://www.silverskyimports.com/.


Singing bowls have many interesting uses other than for the treatment of sicknesses. They are also used to charge up objects of emotions. Sound can be used to transfer energies and the different metals used in making it are potent in different ways. The ancient Tibetan Shamans used singing bowls to transfer powerful intentions. Sound is used to transfer wishes, thoughts, and emotions via singing bowls.


The ancient users of singing bowl write their wishes on pieces of paper and place it in singing bowls. It is said that these wishes get charged and are potent to become true.


There are also those who place the photograph of the person who requires healing inside the bowls. When the bowl is struck, the resonance, charges up the photograph. Specific metals are used for this depending upon the part of the body that needs healing. So if it is the heart or Anahata chakra that needs healing, for effective communication, to remove blocked energy, a copper singing bowl is used in which the photograph of the person who needs healing is place. Then it is struck in a certain way. Even in the absence of the person, the photograph gets charged. The energy from the copper singing bowl that is struck is sufficient to charge up the photograph. Enhance the important knowledge that you can get about Silver Sky Imports.


The beauty of this method is that no one can misuse this form of using the singing bowl. Any blocked energy of any chakra will benefit the person needing healing. However, you should take caution and let the experts handle these healing methods.


It is believed that only healers with good karma can produce pleasant sounds. Those that have negative karma can never produce pleasing sounds however hard they try. You can find more information about Tibetan singing bowls and their healing powers if you visit some singing bowls websites.


Guide to Using Singing Bowls